HMB Endeavour: Sydney to Botany Bay Voyage – Day Three

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Noon position Lat 34º11’S  Long 151º44.1’E
30nm off the Eastern Seaboard
Day’s run 61.1nm
Average speed 2.5kn

After leaving the heads close hauled on a port tack and heading east out to the blue yonder, the rolly polly nature of the sea took it’s toll early on and a large number of the voyage crew were scattered on deck clinging to happy buckets.

With a fortifying lunch of soup in most of the crew’s bellies, which involved a few circus skills keeping it balanced on the plate, the happy, laughing faces began to sink into the blank dread of seasickness.

The afternoon passed quietly with little sail handling being done, just trimming here and there. As the voyage crew are lulled into a tired stupor, first mate Ben’s voice is heard over the PA “Dolphins on the port bow!” As everyone rushes to see the spectacle the dolphins have decided to move to the starboard bow where they proceed to frolic and play for a long while. Some are even caught doing multiple back flips high out of the water – show offs!

Dolphins off the port bow!

The night was cool and clear, all those on watch rugged up so they didn’t feel the chill. During sunset and sunrise there are no lights permitted on deck so it takes time for your eyes to adjust after coming up from below. Tonight, however, proved to be quite different from the other nights this sailing season, we had a nearly full moon to light our way! The moonlight was so bright that it even cast shadows on the deck.

As the new day was dawning we wore ship to start heading back towards the coast and our voyage crew wake to a much calmer and gentler sea, even the safety lines have now been taken down. Most have even recovered enough to indulge in catering officer Abi’s ‘amazing porridge’, as the menu board describes it.

Ross gives a lecture using the deck as a chalkboard

After a very thorough ‘Happy Hour’ – cleaning stations – the voyage crew are treated to a lecture in the waist from captain Ross on sail handling and 18th Century sailing vessels.

All’s well.

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  1. Hi to all on HMB Endeavour, have been following your adventures and wishing I was there! A special hello to Darbey and crew who remember Caroline! Fair Winds 🙂

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