HMB Endeavour: Sydney to Botany Bay Voyage – Day Two

Monday, 26 April 2010

Noon position Lat 33º50’S  Long 151º20’E
Leaving Port Jackson
Day’s run 6nm

Familiarisation tours of the ship are finished and it is now time to start on all the tough stuff. ‘Up and overs’ begin for foremast as the other watches go through safety briefs, some helm instruction and some basic line handling.

Voyage crew are instructed on what they will be doing during the voyage

Cook’s mate Jade finds a possie up on deck in the sun and begins scrubbing potatoes for dinner. As the day goes on everyone gets a chance to do their up and over and most make it to the fighting top.

'Up and Overs'

After the first sitting of dinner, as foremast are being instructed on how to sling and get in their hammocks, there is a ruckus heard on the mess deck as first mate Ben with foremast upperyardy Darbey help foremast topman Tom celebrate his birthday in true shipboard fashion. It’s a wise crew member who keeps his birthday quiet!

As the morning dawns with icy crispness our voyage crew’s education continues as they go through their bracing stations before everyone is sent aloft to unfurl tops’ls and a course!

Unfurling ready to sail out of the heads

The safety lines on deck make their first appearance this sailing season a sign of the weather we have to look forward to! Our safety lines criss-cross over the deck and allow our fifty six souls to be clipped on using the lanyards on their harnesses and they can safely go about their work on deck. We are away from the mooring by 1040hrs and start setting sails as we head to the mouth of the harbour.

The smells of lunch are wafting up on deck from the galley fans and everybody’s bellies are rumbling as a police helicopter takes a nice close look at the ship disturbing our peace and quiet.

All’s well.