HMB Endeavour: Sydney to Jervis Bay Voyage – Day Five

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Noon position Lat 35º05.5’S  Long 150º54.1’E
Under motor, heading back to Port Jackson

Day’s run 9.7nm

Those of the shore party that chose to bushwalk returned after their 8km trek and were smug over their sighting of an echidna along the way. The beachgoers by the ‘Hole in the Wall’ were only too happy to tell them that they saw an echidna without having to go anywhere! The wildlife spotting continued with a possible platypus sighting and some eels!

After a few games of beach cricket and some of cook’s mate Jade’s delicious fresh baked raspberry and chocolate muffins everyone was ready to head back to the ship.

The voyage crew furiously practiced for the Sod’s Opera tonight before the proceedings started with a big mess deck dinner. After a delicious meal and our tot of rum to help prepare the vocal chords the entertainment began!

Voyage crew enjoy the mess deck dinner

First up were mainmast with a wonderful rendition of the shanty ‘Bound for South Australia’ and a poem. Foremast followed with a performance in four acts, including some OH&S instruction and a captivating telling of the ‘Green Eye of the Little Yellow God’. The professional crew were up next and gave a thunderous version of ‘The Whale’ while the Mizzenmast rounded it out with some very clever new lyrics to ‘Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees’. As an epilogue we had the wonderful tones of foremast topman Tom and mizzenmast topman Kyle singing a touching finale.

As a treat, before laying their weary heads down in hammocks, the voyage crew were treated to a movie night on the weather deck where they watched the film ‘Around Cape Horn’ projected onto one of our sails. The film contains old footage of one of the last of the Cape Horn cargo vessels. It was a sight to be seen!

There were anchor watches through out the night which meant that all our deck and voyage crew only had a two hour watch, which meant two hours more sleep!

The 'pool' is open!

The ‘pool’ was opened just after breakfast for one last chance at a dip in the pristine waters of Jervis Bay. Most took the opportunity to leap off the channel (a platform protruding from the side of the ship that acts as a spreader for the shrouds) but some were heard to exclaim at the height, it is a three or more metre drop to the water. Then there came the task of getting back out of the water! There are steps on the outside of the hull and also a cargo net draped from deck and as the swimmers came back on board there were many slips, splashes and laughs!

Just after 1000hrs we weighed anchor and headed for the open sea leaving Jervis Bay behind. Unfortunately the winds just aren’t with us and it will be a steady motor back to the museum.

All’s well.

One thought on “HMB Endeavour: Sydney to Jervis Bay Voyage – Day Five

  1. I’m feeling very nostalgic as I read about the Sods Opera, the overboard swims and the night watches. I was on the Port Mcquarie-Newcastle voyage 1-8 October 2008, my third voyage on my favourite ship.
    Is steward Kat the Kat I knew from that sailing, photographing everything, and a fun girl to have around.
    Tom was my foremast topman. Hi Tom, hi Ross, hi Paula, it was great sailing with you. I miss you all and hope I can catch up next time I come to Sydney, and will bring my accordion! while right now I’m still in Brighton on Englands south coast, just looking at the sea and wishing I was out there.

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