HMB Endeavour: Sydney to Broken Bay Voyage – Day Two

Monday, 12 April 2010

Noon position Lat 33º51.35’S  Long 151º15’E
Port Jackson, heading for open sea

In the afternoon our voyage crew were quickly immersed into the world of sailing an 18th century vessel. They began learning lines, were shown their bracing stations and went through safety drills. But most importantly they attempted to climb the rigging for the first time. The crew refer to these as ‘up and overs’, where our voyage crew climb up the foremast as far as the fighting top (a platform halfway between the lowest and the middle yards) and from there are able to get used to being high up above the deck. It’s much easier to climb when we are in sheltered waters. The first time over the futtock shrouds is always tricky… for a short section of the climb you have to lean back so you are almost upside-down!  Regardless everyone enjoyed themselves, especially once their feet were back on solid deck!

Climbing up to the fighting top

Climbing up to the fighting top

Hammocks were slung with assistance from the professional crew but from now on the voyage crew will look after the slinging and stowing of their own hammocks. Does everyone know their knots?

The watches enjoyed a quiet anchor watch on our mooring in Athol Bight this evening. We were cloaked in darkness except for the twinkling of the city lights and we could hear the gentle, tinny sounds of one of the voyage crew playing sea shanties on his melodica to while away the time.

Unfurling sails ready to leave the harbour

Unfurling sails ready to leave the harbour

This morning finds our voyage crew learning their bracing stations (what lines they will haul on when we tack or wear ship) before we cast off our mooring lines and head down Port Jackson towards the open ocean with sails set!

We’re almost free!

All’s well.

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