HMB Endeavour adventure begins

29 March 2010: The museum’s HMB Endeavour Adventure Sails are about to begin! We have a full crew ready and waiting. Well not really waiting… we’re busily preparing the ship for cast off.
We’ve been preparing for months – developing a diverse sailing program and signing up more than 450 paying voyage crew keen to learn all about life on an 18th century sailing ship.

How do you prepare an 18th century vessel for sea? To begin with, it needs a professional crew!

Long gone are the days  when heavy-handed “press gangs” recruited crew members in Britain’s waterfront taverns. All 16 professional crew positions on Endeavour need qualifications for ship board safety, first aid and fire fighting. Additional responsibilities require further qualifications.

Our professional crew, with their contemporary qualifications, have impressive sailing experience on tall ships. This secures safety for our 18th century vessel on its 21st century voyages.

Yours aye
Captain Ross Mattson