We’re among the coolest of them all!

That prestige British weekly newspaper The Sunday Times recently  named the Australian National Maritime Museum one of the top 12 “cool museums” in the world.

In this elite group it numbered us with The Science Museum in London, Musee de Quai Branly, Paris, and the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

And we’re the only Australian museum on the list.

The article, by travel writers Sean Newsom and Vincent Crump, says our fleet is limitlessly fascinating, and best of all is the Endeavour – an ocean-going reconstruction of the Whitby collier in which Captain Cook ‘discovered’ Australia.”

What do you think?  Would you list the Australian National Maritime Museum as one of the 12 ”coolest” museums in the world?  And tell us why (or why not!)

Perhaps they left your favourite museum off the list. Tell us about it…

Up periscope!

Up periscope!