The Last Day!!!! Unfortunately

Day 8


Last and final day aboard the Spoilsport with the most awesome group of people ever.. That includes the Nimrod as well.


 Up, breakfast and off we go. Paul and Lloyd again put up with us as we form our very last line. Another strong current with very high seas.. Fun fun fun (sarcasm). It wasn’t too bad but we were only in the water about an hour (while constantly fighting the current when we decided to move out further onto the reef as we weren’t finding anything. But we ran into were the Mag boat was surveying with Wayne and Andrew (who were leaving with us), Ed and Peter as well I think. J


So we ended up going back to the boat and waiting for them to come back as Alice and I were allowed to go Manta board riding.. Yay. So we waited it out and then away we went. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is it is just a wooden boat attached to a rope dragged behind a boat, which you hold onto. You then just angle the board down to go under the water or up to come back up. J


Alice went first then it was my go…. It was the most fun I had all day due to the leaving.. My arms feel kinda strained at the moment but they were fine when we were doing it. It was so spectacular to watch coral and fish zoom by as you seem to just glide so effortlessly.. It was awesome and thanks to everyone involved in that… Very much appreciated.


Then we got back and just hung around not doing much.. We had a very quick lunch then it was up to the top deck to talk to the media… How exciting. J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice and Miss Lynch to be more correct, as he only wanted to speak to one of us and Alice was quicker. J


Next thing I know we’re (Alice and I) rushing around trying to be organised as they had been looking for us while they were talking on the phone as it was time to leave.


It’s surprising how quick you can be when you don’t have any time. We were both mostly packed it was just our swimmers and stuff that need to be included. Then we were hugging everyone and shaking hands. It was then the terrible realisation that we wouldn’t be seeing many of these people ever again, sunk in.. It was quite depressing really. J


Then we went across to the Nimrod and climbed onto the Pirate. Both Alice and I were given bandana’s with the Solomon Island flags on it to represent John’s worldly affairs.. Which was nice,,


 So off we went. Dwayne (aka Wayne), Andrew, Alice, Miss Lynch, some of the staff swapped over so Tristan and Warren came on the Pirate (another smaller boat) with us and Trevor went to skipper the other boat (the Nimrod).


It took about two hours to get back and had a conversation with Wayne while sitting on the front of the in the wind!!!!!!!! Which was fun as you could see everything.


Then we were back on land and it was all over. We said good bye to everyone who was with us and started feeling the effects of a week at sea… I’m still rocking after over 24hours later. Fun. J


And so concluded our week aboard the Spoilsport and our successful quest to find the Mermaid. Thanks for the opportunity, it won’t be forgotten. J


Missing all of you and I mean everybody. J

3 thoughts on “The Last Day!!!! Unfortunately

  1. Megan it has been wonderful for me to accompany you and Alice on this unique expedition .I am truly proud of you both for so enthusiastically embracing the focus of the expedition .Your willingness to participate in all the work activities on board:
    1.keeping the log
    2.photographing whenever appropriate
    3.continuing to hold the line on our long and sometime arduous snorkels at least twice daily
    4.getting up at 6 am every day!!without a problem
    5.learning to snorkel competently starting from scratch within a week
    6.helping out with the essential work of washing and stowing the diving gear,
    7.keeping track of the schools’ camera equipment and laptops
    8.ensuring the batteries were charged
    9.being ready to do powerpoint presentations in front of such an expert and educated audience without being intimidated(not that we could tell anyway!)
    10.most of all inspiring the rest of us old fogeys with your energy and zest for life and learning.

    PS managing to close the door of your cabin in spite of the creatively arranged clothes on the surrounding floor was a real lesson in spatial relations.
    To quote two Famous apprentice maritime archaeologists
    truly ” AWESOME”
    Bega High has to be so PROUD .

  2. Megan
    I too am so proud of what you and Alice have achieved. You have had an amazing week in your school holidays! An opporunity which only comes rarely in life. You grabbed it woth both hands and did yourself, family and Bega High proud. Well done!

  3. PS Sorry for the typos! Didn’t check carefully enough before hitting the send button!

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