Thank you :)

Kieran asked that as were no longer on the boat if we could make comments on our experiences so here goes (I don’t know how many of you will actually read this but anyway its here). It’s an honest view of what you are like.


Kieran you are super nice and deserve so much more than this pittance for all the work you put in to organising absolutely everything. You’re a legend and just thankyou. J

Ed thanks for being kool about our randomness but it was actually cause you were kool and good to talk to. I really enjoyed your input and your passion for your job and I’ve seriously started thinking about what type of history I might like to do and that volunteering thing. Stay awesome!!


Wayne cause you didn’t mind when we got everyone to call you Dwayne and talking to me about real and important things…


Paul you have no idea how much it means to us that you kept taking us out without complaint and you were just so friendly it made a good atmosphere and really helped us to find our notch and fit in. J

Lee you are super friendly, pleasantly nice and happy. You were good to be around.


Warren god you can go for an old fella J but thanks for your opinions on life and your stories. I’m sorry we missed your presentation even if you didn’t particularly want to do it…


Lloyd who came snorkelling with us a lot and for bandaging my toes so well that six days later the bandaids are still there.


Nigel even though you were quiet you were nice and helpful.


Xanthe you’re just amazingly skilled with a camera with such grace underwater. It was extremely impressive and I think it might be a career path that Alice is now seriously considering.


Peter for raising spirits when you found the anchor.


Jacqui for being so nice and supportive of our blogging efforts.  J

Alice if you read this you kept me entertained in the off periods. We made a good team.


Miss Lynch it just seems to weird too say Elaine again thanks for everything it means a lot.


John this experience and meeting you and everyone else is just so amazing and different to anything I have ever done before. Thank you for giving it to us. Words can’t convey my gratitude.


Finally every one else aboard the Nimrod and the Spoilsport (I’ll be here for hours naming you all), you were completely different to what I expected wealthy people to behave. Just the common courtesy shown to us was phenomenal and the fact that we’re just kids, it really makes me respect all of you even more.  


Thanks to all the staff to you know who you are and what you did.. J

I’ll stop blabbing on now so finally, thanks…