Day 5

Day 5

I don’t know its kinda weird the days at certain points seem to slow down or speed up.. today was one of those days.. started late.. got up at 7 (naughty.. sleep in) had a yummy breakfast and went for a morning snorkel tagging all the previous found objects.. well after we had the huge argument about whether we were ‘tagging’ or ‘flagging’ seeing we were tagging the objects but using flagging tape : P so after our snorkel and me pinching some tape and tying on my toe lol we had lunch PIZZA!!! Except it was so drenched in cheese so I didn’t : ( *hangs head* ive just realised that with all the snorkelling it has made my sinuses even more pooey and sensitive to dairy… *shakes fist* its not fair : ( eeeeeeee anyways I had muffins and soup yum yum and then we wandered Spoilsport and helped out, watched Yes Men and finalised yesterdays blogging.. I was really happy when I downloaded my photos and got 4 clear ones!!! Which is a new experience for me haha

So basically the day has come and go with a nice asian style dinner, more napkin folding and Bre interrupting my blogging with napkin throwing, tickling and finally a biting competition.. but I’m back now : P OH WE FOUND THE ANCHOR!!!!!! Yayness!!! We found it we found it!!!! YAY!! So yer now we just have to most defiantly prove it’s the mermaid but otherwise we’ve defiantly got a shipwreck which is defiantly looking alot like the Mermaid!! And if it is IT WILL BE SWEET.. hopefully they will let us go snorkel out over it but otherwise we have some awesome as pics thanks to Xanthe.. wonder woman with that camera : P

just 2 more days on the vessel.. its all past in a blur.. I dunno I’m just going to look back on this and be like WOW that was an experience of a life time…


P.s sorry blogs have been getting shorter.. I guess its due to lack of time/organisation/availability of laptop/battery in laptop being charged/urge to do it/major events commencing in my day…. lol I dunno hmmm..


3 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Hi Alice and Megan,
    Well done on keeping us informed. You’re obviously eating well and being kept busy. Your descriptions of the reef environment make me wish I was there with you, although I don’t envy snorklling the distances that you’ve been covering.
    It sounds like you’ve made some exciting discoveries. How are they going to ascertain whether the objects found actually belong to the Mermaid?
    Keep up the great work.
    Marina at the museum

  2. Just ran across yr blog – excellent reading. Descriptions of the seascape truly mouthwatering. So what is this Mermaid? I know something about the Pandora – is it a similar period? sounda like yr having the experience of the year.
    hope it continues delicious


  3. Hi Alice,
    It does sound like the experience of a lifetime – I agree. A pity about the cheese! Picture looks awesome. The reef is such a beautiful place – hopefully we don’t destroy it in the years to come – would be terrible if others never get to enjoy it in generations time. Hope the wreckage is the Mermaid – amazing!

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