Day 4!!!



Day 4…




Today could have started better.. bad night sleep and woke up early.. feeling crap (I ate too much sea water) urgh!! So yer my tummy and digestive system is doing back flips.. we went snorkelling did a sweep of another section marked with buoys.. we battled the current and basically found zilch.. hmm saw a shark though SWEET AS!!!.. random minor epiphany between me and Megan.. we is sad lil children.. lmao (laughing my ass off) we basically only talk to the staff.. and their PAID to keep us entertained *hangs head* nah I think they like us.. I hope they like us lol… their so awesome WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (Nah we do talk to everyone else as well)

 Hehe lol back to relevant issues… after our morning snorkel I went for a sleep because of my unhappy tummy.. and was woken up by Ms Lynch telling me to get ready because I was going snorkelling in 10.. AH!! So didn’t bother with wetsuit and went out to a place where we think we it’s the mermaid but is most defiantly a shipwreck.. we found a few different bits and pieces.. we found a 2 staples, copper nails, a barrel ring which could actually be a mask ring though.. another ring off a compass and a pile of chain cemented to the reef floor..

 Unfortunately the weather worsened and we headed back to Spoilsport and blogged away into the night. We watched a few presentations- on other shipwrecks such as Pandora and the pictures that Xanthe had taken during the day.




p.s 2 interesting things.. 1) learning to walk in a straight line on a rocking boat (aka not look drunk) and 2) photography underwater when you float and the current is constantly moving you and your camera is gay.. alot of the coral colours are 100X brighter then what turns up on the camera : (

p.p.s one of my photos aka so crap compared to Xanthe’s

2 thoughts on “Day 4!!!

  1. ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this sounds very exciting! i bet u r having a real gud time!! hope you find ur shipwreck bizzo!! 😛 lolz have fun! Catch me a squid
    <3 Stephy

    See u n megan havin a gud time. Mayb yr mermaid is swimming away from u for fun lol. U will find it soon. (its not even real.the mens lied to you from steph) U can hit her wen u get bak. Give my regards 2 megan n shes legend 2.
    Luv Jess

  2. Hey,
    To bad bout your tummy but sounds like fun and you did find find some cool things. Anyhow keep going and good luck. Have fun

    Che AKA Dave

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