Day 4- Yay we found it…. Maybe

Day 4

Today was again an early beginning which wasn’t good as I went to bed later than usual, well on this trip anyway…. J We had breakfast and got straight into it. Snorkeling was once again in lines along the rope but today as a storm blew in the water was choppy and wasn’t as clear as it had silt and sand all though as the bottom had been disturbed. I also saw two sharks the first of which I almost stood on as it was at my feet when I let my fins drop and disturbed the sand, which sent it flying. There was also some fish and coral but a lot of sand and algae on the bottom. We were trying to follow the buoys in a strait line but it didn’t happen…. Unluckily.imgp68511


We ended up doing over 1.1km’s in that bit alone but once the current had dragged us so far from the buoys that we couldn’t see them we decided to go to another site. Once we got there it was completely random and unorganized so we just had a look around until the storm came in and we had to get out of the water. This was at about 9ish so we had a while till lunch. So showers it was.. glorious. Then after some bumming around we had lunch.


Next it was getting stuck into blogging and putting photo’s onto the pages so that you can have some idea what is going on other than my rambling. J This took an extremely long time with little progress but I got there in the end. Luckily.


imgp6854Alice went to sleep and I ended up reading while some people decieded to brave the weather and try again. The sky was pretty clear but the sea was still choppy.


The mag boats found something (eletronic sanner type thingy’s) on the bottom so they investigated and objects began to be uncovered. This was fairly late in the afternoon and we promtly got the call to come out and join them. When we got there they had uncovered another ring from a compass a large iron ring and a lot of copper pins and stuff. We were so excited and the atmosphere just kept improving… everyone was just extatic. When we got back to the boat it was time for dinner and then a de-briefing on the things we had found as well as watching something on Pandora (a ship that sank in the late 18th century).


It is now raining and Alice and I are sitting under the cover on the top deck in the wind and the rain…

large barrel ring or off a mask

large barrel ring or off a mask






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  1. Wow! It must be feeling good, dispite swallowing a bit of sea water. I wish I was there to be part of such a great experience. I look forward to more of your blog.

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