Day 3

Ok Day 3.. this is all going so quickly!.. wish it would never end : (

So we set out a usual, with a sweep snorkel search of the front fringe of the reef. Basically we lined up with a rope and all took a place along it and two people with GPS’s were placed at either end to keep track of what we surveyed. It was so beautiful… I can see why now everyone was saying the top of the reef was crap compared to this.. there were fish everywhere! And the colours and patterns.. from another world. Absolutely stunning!! The sheaths of coral and giant clams (2m across) the way the fish dart around you and are inquisitive soon to teasingly swim away at the sight of the camera. Just so many colours- tiny blue fish, big parrot fish, purple, blue, green, red corals.. in every shape or form you could imagine and even some you cant. It was simply breath taking.

We even saw 4 or 5 turtles- depends who you talk to (I saw 4) and our underwater photographer Xanthe got some wicked pictures of those, a shark and some blue crayfish. I found it so hard to keep up with the line.. not because I was tired or anything just because I got so distracted by something pretty and then realise I had been left behind (xanthe had the same problem too!! : D). The other problem I had was my stupid mask… kept leaking and fogging up so the few pictures I took with a camera with a flat battery.. (charge before getting on the reef next time : S) were completely out of focus (well not all) because my mask was so fogged up I couldn’t actually see what I was shooting.. grrr.. but xanthe got some really pretty pictures which hopefully we will be able to get up onto the blog soon YAY!!

After the morning snorkel I came back and slept.. I was so exhausted!! We swam 1.9 km.. *groans* hehe I was lucky no blisters for Alice!! A second search was deployed after lunch and Megan later described to me about it not being as exciting as the morning sweep.. I wanted to go but god I was worn out.. We did find one thing though a hand bilge pump.. copper.. imbedded in coral.. so tomorrow were going to go have another look at it because it has writing on it that cant be read because of the coral. We’ll see what we can do.. hmmm we also will go for another dive along a row of ‘hotspots’ where the magnetometer has pick up readings.. we generally think we have found where a vessel has plowed and essentially bunny hopped through the reef, discarding pieces as it goes. All in all an exciting today and tomorrow can be only better!


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. That sounds awesome. Plus those clams sound so freaking huge! :O. Also your going to have to get used to swimming tonnes! lol


    Che AKA David

  2. Great desciption of a coral reef really spot on ! just how i remember ,lap it up hey future generations might not get the chance so enjoy it fully ,getting rough yet? windy as here at Yeppoon .

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