Week 13

Things have been a little slow this week as I have had a bad head cold (and no, I will not make any sneezing/rigging jokes), but I have managed to make progress with the rigging.

Profile of Model

Profile of Model

For the standing rigging, I am using three thicknesses of threads: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, and 0.8mm.  One thing I have noticed with other display models of the same type is that the rigging can ruin the model’s overall effect if it is too heavy.  The thread I am using is specifically designed for this type of work, and once a coating of bee’s wax is applied (the bee’s wax smooths down the thread to prevent it looking ‘hairy’), it looks perfect for the job.  I have selected black thread for the running rigging as all rigging on the original would have been tarred to prevent rotting.

I have been using a selection of different pulleys, blocks and dead eyes to attach the thread to the ship’s hull. The rigging of the ship has proven to be quite a challenge for me!  I started at the bowsprit and have been working backward, finding out that the tightening of one thread can slacken all the other threads you have just installed.

So far the effect on the model looks great, but the standing rigging is only 70% of the overall look.  I hope to finish the standing rigging this week, then on to the running rigging, which will, I think, be double the challenge!

Contributed by model-maker Mike Bass.

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  1. looking great in the profile shot, interesting point about the rigging and getting the thickness right so it does not look to heavy. I supect its a similar problem with sails on models, and they look better without them as a result. Line weight for rigging etc on drawings seems to be less of an issue,I think we all draw them a bit heavier than they are, but it does not show as much.

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