HMAS Advance, our Patrol Boat

I like HMAS Advance because, for me, there is a touch of magic and destiny about it.  My fiancé spent his childhood in Amman, Jordan.  His favourite TV shows were Skippy, The Lost Island and Patrol Boat.  Perhaps it was a little intuitive of him, as they are all Australian shows and at that time he had no idea that was where his life was to lead him!
Patrol Boat HMAS Advance

HMAS Advance - in action!

This topic came up on our first date, over a decade ago, and I think I thoroughly disappointed him when I confessed I knew of Skippy (though never watched it) but had certainly never heard of the other two programs.  He lamented that since arriving in Australia he hadn’t seen them either – odd when you think about it.

Flash forward seven years and I am proudly escorting him around the museum, my wonderful new place of work.  When we walked out onto the wharf he couldn’t believe his eyes – there she was, “Patrol Boat”’ he cried out.  “Umm…Advance?… yep… it’s a patrol boat”, I answered surprised by his enthusiasm, “No – THE PATROL BOAT! From the TV show!”  He was right, HMAS Advance starred in the popular ABC TV series from 1979 to 1983.   He stood there enraptured.  He had come to the other side of the world and found a link to his childhood, so far away.

So a small Armenian boy in Jordan watches his favourite TV show, Patrol Boat, never suspecting he is soon to move to Australia, where ironically he never sees Patrol Boat, grows up and marries a local girl who winds up working with Patrol Boat! Six degrees of separation or destiny…?

So what was this great show, Patrol Boat?  Check it out here:

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