Week 3

This week has seen the completion of the under hull detail, and the model is now on its base.

The completed upper structure

The completed upper structure

I started by constructing the bulwarks, the part of the ship’s side above the upper deck, shown in the above picture. These were carved using both the shape of the hull and the initial drawings, with a 2mm allowance for outside cladding.

The model upright and on its base

The model upright and on its base

From there, I moved to carving the stern, or rear, of the ship. At this point things became slightly tricky due to the “Square Tuck”, the curving under tuck at the lower part of the stern shown in the above picture. Attention to detail is absolutely necessary, as every part must tie in perfectly with the next. Thankfully I have some excellent drawings which were very helpful whilst making the bulwarks, hull and stern plate ‘flow’ together.


Close up of the stern, and the "Square Tuck".

Compared to the stern, the bow, or front, of the ship was much easier to carve, and I had no problems getting the right shape in preparation for the cladding.

I am cladding the upper hull with strips of chemi-wood to represent the wooden planking on the sides. This area will be painted, and therefore doesn’t require a natural wood finish. All areas requiring such an effect, such as the deck, will be planked in natural wood materials.

The aim for next week is to complete the cladding of the model with the pre-cut chemi-wood strips on all sides to make her ready for interior detail.

From Mike Bass, the model maker.