Week 1

Greetings.  I’m Mike Bass and this is the first update of many as I produce the scale model of HMS Beagle.

Traditionally the model would be made the same way as the original vessel -using a ‘wood on frame’ technique where the outer wooden skin would be attached to a framework of inner supports.  Because of time restraints I will be carving the hull from a solid material called chemi-wood. This material is resin based and used in the pattern makers’ industry.  I like it because it can be cut and sanded and is very stable over a period of time.

I started with an old line drawing of the Beagle scaled to 1:48th.

Plans of the Beagle

Scale drawing of the HMS Beagle used to work out the shape of the hull.

I marked and cut the chemi-wood into the shape of the hull. The chemi-wood comes in a plank 50mm wide so these become my frame spacing.

The hull of the Beagle

Sections of the hull cut out of chemi-wood.

Once stuck together I then sand down each section to make a smooth hull shape. Great care must be taken at this stage not to sand too much and constant use of the drawing is essential.

From Mike Bass, the model maker.

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  1. Hey thats some pretty interesting stuff. By the way, what blog system do you use? I am beginning a blog site, but not sure which system to have, but yours looks real great. Thank you

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