About Mike

Me, Mike Bass, at work.

Mike Bass, at work.

I’m Mike Bass and I run a well established model making company with over 25 years professional experience in the defence, museum, maritime, advertising, architectural and film industries.

I initially trained and worked in the United Kingdom where I was senior model maker on various projects such as; The “Chicken Run”, motion picture animated by Aardman Animations; Formula 1 racing cars commissioned by the Williams Team; Production of numerous models for the Dutch Maritime Industry.

In 1999, my family and I emigrated to Australia. Since then, my client base has grown to include; the Australian National Maritime Museum; Australian War Memorial in Canberra; Thales Australia; ASC Ltd and Fox Studios etc

Our models are built to the highest quality standards to suit the needs of individual clients. We use a wide range of traditional and modern materials as well as up todate technologies. Equally important to us is the technical and artistic flair that we incorporate in all our creations.

Every project is undertaken in close collaboration with our clients to ensure the meeting of deadlines and a smooth completion of the models.

Our latest contribution to the Australian War Memorial has been given National Collection Item status.
The passion I have for model making combined with the expertise I have acquired over the years are reflected in the finished models.

You can take a look at my work on my website.

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