Voyage Log: Sydney-Brisbane Aug 2008: Day 3

Noon Position: Lat 32 53.4’S Long152 32.8 E
Day’s Run: 82.5 nautical miles

Last night south easterly winds drew in, forcing us to wear ship. With waves coming in 2.4-2.6 metres, one poor gentleman fell out of his hammock whilst sleeping but most slept well as Endeavour creaked along at six knots.

In the morning the seas have calmed down but still the waters are choppy and the swell rolls the ship continually side to side as humpback whales follow and swim beneath the ship. The first light sails are set by the watch, jib, sprit topsail, mizzen topsail, main topgallant, mizzen staysail and mizzen sail.  Breakfast is called and is eaten quickly because its time for our favourite time of the day – happy hour!. This is where every crew member will swab the decks, wipe the bulkheads and generally sanitise the entire ship until Endeavour starts to smell like roses. After happy hour, the watches go on deck to man their posts.

There is always work to be done on Endeavour

There is always work to be done on Endeavour

It is a perfect day for sailing, the sky is blue and the crisp gentle breeze pushes Endeavour along as the men at the helm say to one another – “life can’t get any better than this – unless I;m riding my Harley Davidson”. The seamen appreciate being away from the hustle and bustle that land life brings to one self and there is nothing more important than what is happening right here and now onboard Endeavour

All of a sudden there is a commotion on deck. We caught a fish! Cook’s mate, Darby, rushes up from the galley to examine the fine catch. “Hmmm, it appears to me to be a mack tuna, weighing in about 1.5 kilos, approximately 50cm in length” The fish will taste delicious once we catch a few more of these, then we can cook them up and eat them for dinner.

After lunch all the grim sea sick faces turned into smiles, the feeling seems to have passed and the crew united with adventure and are determined not to let the team down so they get straight back to work as we sail the East Australian Current North East, 20 miles off Newcastle.

All is well.

Contributed by ship’s steward, Melanie Snow